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I haveadustbin half filled with rotting leaves, may be a couple of apples in there too.  there are 30/40 yellow and black stripped 1/2" insects on top of the leaves by the end of the day they are sitting on the sides.  iwhat do you think they are?

should I wedge they lid open slightly so they can leave?



Look like wasps to me which probably came from an adult laying eggs in the apples.  I'd leave to top off until they are gone.


however hard I look at these still don't look like wasps. maybe the camera angle but body looks too wide and wings the wrong shape and angle. I agree about letting them out.

Leave the lid off on a dry day . The only other thing I can think they remind me of are Hornetts. But only ever seen a dead one up close and this was big.  I must agree with nut though the body looks too plumped up . The body of this dead Hornet was like a big fat grub.

Thanks for your replies. theres a lot of them if the are hornets.  wondered if they are  hooverflys.Whatever I would rather they left.



They'd probaly like to leave as well Vonmarr. You said they were half an inch long. That would be a very small hornet.

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