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I have a small bird house on my shed above the door which a very large bee has made home. I don't want to kill it as I read bees are getting rarer but I don't have anywhere in my garden I could put the nest.

Is there anywhere I could maybe get to collect or not kill it?


could you call it a bee house instead of a bird house. It's all supporting the garden wildlife


We had tree bees in two of the bird nesting boxes last year. If you ignore them they will depart at the end of the season.

You might as well leaves the bees to enjoy the box.  I doubt if birds would use it anyway if you use the shed much, as I think the constant toing and froing would probably be to disturbing for them.  Then move the box to somewhere more peaceful when the bees have departed.    I could be wrong about the birds, of course!  Mags

Thanks, I might put them in a corner and hope they do get to big of a nest! 



I'd leave them where they are - they chose the site as it suits their needs.  Tree bees are very gentle creatures - our neighbours had two nests in their roof last summer, right over windows that were frequently open - they were no bother at all and pollinated all my plants wonderfully 


Are you sure it is a bee?  It may be a queen wasp as that is the sort of place they like to have a nest.  I had wasps in one of my swift boxes one year and in a bird box another year.

Had bees twice in the roof, next to windows. Within weeks of coming out of the nests they were gone. We did nothing and they didn't bother us. A bit scary but they will go. Just enjoy them.

I think it is a Bee as it was very fat all over and I would say a wasp is longer and thinner. The problem with where they are at the moment is the box is 2 inches from my head when I walk in the shed. The reason I knew it was there was because I could hear this strange hissing noise when I was opening and shutting the door, after two days it was freaking me out a little so I narrowed it to the bird box and decided to look in the hole. To say the least having a very large Bee vibrating it's wings right in my face made me jump haha.

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