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I planted a new bare root hedge last November.   It is doing very well, but I was wondering would it benefit from a liquid feed now,  and if so, what would you recommend?

Alina W

It's a bit late to be feeding hedges now.

I would wait until next spring, and then give it a high nitrogen feed designed for hedges.

Thanks for advise Alina W. Have diaried it forward! 

Good luck with your beech hedge!  When we were in Norfolk I planted a mixed deciduous 'Tapestry' hedge from bare-rooted stock from Buckingham nurseries.  The proportions were 5 Green Beech, 2 Golden Privet, 5 Hornbeam, 2 Purple Beech, 5 Field Maple and 1 Cotoneaster.  For some reason, possibly connected to our local soil conditions, everything else thrived apart from the beeches.  We had several 'spare' plants, which I heeled in at the bottom of the garden.  I had to replace quite a few of the hedgerow beeches over the next 2 years, and even the 'spare' plants did not survive or did not flourish once placed in the hedge.

Here in the Savoie we have very alkaline soil and we have a variety of hazel nut with purple bronze foliage which grows like a weed here.


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