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I saw 4 bees (maybe?) going into a hole in the ground near where a tulip has fallen over. Should I worry that bees have made a nest?


It might just be a carpenter Bee or Leaf Cutter Bee.


No they'll be fine - they are Solitary Bees and are important beneficial insects to have in your garden. They will pollinate your fruit and veg 


Don't worry! They are not interested in humans, only their gardens

I had a bumble bee nest two years ago in the ground right next to my sunbathing spot and was undisturbed, despite a constant humming back and forth.

I felt honored to provide a home for these incredibly necessary creatures. Without bees, the world's fresh food would grind to a halt!


No Jye -  bee happy!! 


Enjoy them- they need all the help us gardeners can give them right now. 


I have bumble bees going into a clump of bamboo that has got to be removed or thinned down as its overtaking and spreading under the patio any help please


Can the bamboo thinning/removal wait until the autumn when the bumbles will no longer be there?

I was weeding an area in my front garden I hadn't tackled for some time. Not out of control but plenty of moss, grass & ground cover herbs. I picked up a handful of moss only to find a bees nest buzzing at ground level. I stepped back left all alone and now find it has been covered up. I presume from what is being said above I am okay just to leave it be for the summer and perhaps dig about nearer winter? I am okay with all this but gave me a bit of a shock when I first uncovered it & saw all these bees buzzing away. 

Bumble bees are my favourite insects I think but I can imagine how surprised you were. I hope you don't have a marauding badger like I did - wretched creature dug up the nest under my shed and ate them.  It was so sad, those who'd presumably been on a trip away came back to find their family gone  I still get the odd visitor buzzing around.

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