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Has anyone else had this problem ? I think it's mice. Out of the whole crop only 2 roots unaffected.... some so badly eaten that there's virtually nothing left undergroud. I've dug them all up ...a very dispiriting sight they make !


Slugs love beetroot so they could be the cause.



Jo17, I don't think you are very late harvesting - I've harvested some of my first sowing but still have another sowing going strong. Some to eat fresh and some to pickle.

Better check those roots as its been an extremely wet season


This has been my worst year for beetroot and the allotment in general in over 20 years.  I think the weather must be to blame as I have done nothing different to other years.

For the very first time I don't feel the crops harvested have been worth the effort.




I know what you mean suzigreenfingers! My beans have been very meagre, only just now cutting courgettes of any decent size and 2 greenhouses full of rebarbatively green tomatoes! I've had a few beets, the slugs got most of them. But I've got kale, leeks and chard out for the winter, as well as saladings in the greenhouse.
What kind of tomatoes are rebarbatively?

Well mine are a mixture, Gardener's Delight, San Moranzo and Pink Brandywine.

Pink brandywine sounds good,what are like to taste
Ab fab...when they ripen! They're a potato leafed beefsteak variety - had a couple last year which weighed nearly a kilo each.

It has been a bit of a bad year for large slugs this year, and I have found slugs eating my beetroot, and just moved them!  However the very best organic solution to the slug problem is to keep ducks!  My garden is bereft of slugs now, as I let the ducks roam freely for an hour or two morning and night.

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