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Despite my advance years I am a novice gardener.  I am advised to lift my begonias, wait for the foliage to die, remove the excess earth, sprinkle with BULB DUST, wrap individually and store in a cool dry place until next spring.

What is BULB DUST?  Google searches have not been much help and staring at shelves in garden centres has been equally unrewarding.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. 


I should imagine bulb dust is an anti fungal powder. 

Thanks nutcullet.  So I should have found it in the garden centre?


Isn't it flowers of sulphur?-this is just from memory-can't say I have ever bothered.


You'll find some anti fungal something for storing tubers etc. I've never used it but I don't grow anything I'd have to lift for winter.

This is the only reference that came up when I did a search so I wouldn't think it's much used.


So what do you do then Ernie (why do I have a mental picture of Benny Hill?)?


Halloween name

I would just dry them off as you have been doing and store -dry peat -newspaper-as long as they don't get damp-cool,dry, and frost free

Watch out for the dreaded weevil grub

Is that the horrible red thing which tries to kill my lilies?

I'm tempted to add a mothball to the box where they are going to be stored.

Do I have to check them through this dormant period?

Thanks so much both of you. 


That is lily beetle

Vine weevil grubs-small creamy things with brown heads -often found in containers-they eat roots and have a tendency to burrow into begonia corms

An occasional inspection is always a good idea-can you still get mothballs?


JUst dry them off, When they are dry and the foliage ahs wilted it will break off at the corm. I then get as much compost as possible off, check for grubs. To prevent fungus infection you can shake a little yellow sulphur on them. I line a box/seed tray with newspaper, space them out on tray , then tuck them up with more newspaper and keep them in a frost free place - garage shelf. Usually i forget about them, based on fact less I interfere the more likely they are to grow!!


The horrible red thing is lily beetle, its griubs also lodge in the lily bulbs.

I enjoy every aspect of gardening, even the hard work bits, but wish it didn't have to involve the creepy crawly things!

Yes I have bought them fairly recently, but my husband just told me to google Derris dust and I'm now not sure whether they should still be available.  I have several friends who have retired in the last few years and have discovered that their old work suits have been totally invaded.

Don't want to tempt fate but haven't had a spider in the bathroom since I undid the bath panel and threw a couple underneath!  .... and now you are all going to hate me!



Some people swear by conkers as well for keeping spiders out of the house

Derris dust was withdrawn a few years back

yellow sulphur powder has also been withdrawn/

Okay.  I sort of sprayed some newspaper with fly spray, then dusted corms off, inspected (not sure that these old eyes would have noticed too much unless they wiggled at me!), individually wrapped each in newspaper, then put them in big brown paper bags with a moth ball thrown in.

Don't hold your breaths but I'll let you know the rate of attrition next spring.

Thamks so much for your help..

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