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Has anyone any tips for transplanting fine begonia seedlings because of their being tiny.Also the type of compost for the tiny seedlings


For begonia semperflorens (bedding begonias), put two or three seedlings together into a 3 inch pot. a small clump will develop, you dont have to separate each one.

 Use a fine compost designated for seedlings eg Levington S1, and you can add a small amount of perlite to keep it free draining.

Thank you fidgetbones your advise is good although my seeds are doubles it would be better if I could transplant separately,any further suggestions.





I have pelleted ones which were easier to separate and have had about 90% germination rate im growing them under lights though the seedings are tiny I nearly missed them at first


If its the very fine seed, mix with sand and sow thinly to make it easier to prick out.


Fidgetbones & cairnsie

i have planted both normal seeds and pellets and will use your combined help.

many thanks



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