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I potted up some begonia tubers in compost and lightly covered them in soil in the middle of April. Then I put them in my greenhouse and when there was no sign of any growth, moved them into the house. I have been waiting patiently for them to sprout, but only one out of twelve has shown any signs of growth. They are now back in the greenhouse, as I now have a new heater there. Will this help? Is there anything else I can do to bring them on? Thanks Janette

They do need warmth and moisture- are they new tubers this year?

Mid-April is only 3 weeks -just be patient

Alina W

They can be quite slow to sprout, and moving them out of the warm house into the colder greenhouse won't help. Are you sure that you've planted them the right way up, with the dip uppermost?

Is their compost moist rather than wet, which could cause rotting?

Were they very dry when you bought them, e.g., from a supermarket, which might slow them down?

I agree with Geoff - it's not that long yet, give them a chance.

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