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To make sure the corms aren't soft ie rotten

Pop them in some shallow compost in a seed tray Carol and then in spare room. The buds will appear but will be slow. Mine are in my spare room 

Good luck 

Job done!  Lost four of the seventy two which I wrapped up.  One had a very large grub inside and the other three had crumbled into a rusty coloured dust.  Was that par for the course or could I have avoided those problems?

Has the size of the corm any bearing on its later flowering because some were as big as my fist and others no bigger than raspberries?


The crumbled ones had been got by the big grub-it is just a matter of inspecting them occasionally.,

Bought some as plug plants two years ago and kept the resultant corms for the second year- and now for the third year and they are bigger corms again-there was no difference in the flowering between the first and the second year.

Thanks Geoff - better put my glasses on when I do it next then!

It'll be interesting to see how many actually take.

Gardening is a very late and enjoyable hobby for us but the creepy crawly bits really do pot me off!

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