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I bought 4 begonia tubers a month ago, 2 have produced healthy shoots, 2 are doing nothing is there anything I can do?


Just wait. In one tray I have 2 with leaves and a couple only just barely showing the buds and one doing nothing. It's a game of wait and see I'm afraid

Thanks Rosa, thought that I may have been sold some duff ones.


You can never tell, same as it's hard to tell if they have over-wintered successfully.

But how do I plan my hanging baskets if I do not know? when do I abandon these and buy some new ones?



Give it another week or so, still plenty of time then to get some - am same with my baskets.

Everything is late this year any way, oh just seen you are in Cornwall, so milder. Think you can still wait, make sure the compost is not too dry.

I'll keep my fingers crossed foryou

Have you got hem somewhere warm but not direct sun Chris - that might help
Pam L L x

Lilylouise I have them on a windowsill is that too sunny?

Rosa I was worried about rotting them.

The potty gardener

I never seem to have much luck with tubers- I don't really know why

A south facing window probably wouldn't be so good Chris but other windowsills should be fine
Pam LL x

Another one has shown a bud today. #Still 3 waitng for though

Rosa good news.

Lilyloiuse it is west facing so they should be ok?

Bev this is a first time for me, I normally grow Bizzy Lizzies but not sure if there will be any this year, so a friend recommended begonias.

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