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Brumbull . I have been mucking about in my gardens for about 30 years and I admit when I started I used Irish moss Peat ,until I seen the error of it thanks to G,Hamilton RIP.,but money has got scarce these last number of years Ive gone to either Aldi or Lidl and I sift it with a 1/4mesh riddle this suit me just fine €3:00 /40lt as against Erin €9 / 40lt



Unless you have some way of sterilising the soil you are using as a base you risk importing all sorts of bugs and diseases if you make your own. Personally I stick to using shop bought compost for seeds and use garden compost as a soil conditioner. Most of the DIY barns and garden centres will have 3 for 2 or 3 for £10 deals to help keep costs down

In the main I found, compost, I bought last year was poor quality, it was more luck  than design that the occassional bag was good quality, so, thought ahead and made most of my own compost for this year.

Mine is a small garden with only three veg beds and a couple of flower beds so was able to store enough leaf mould and had space for a bin of horse muck to happily rot down over last year. This went on the veg beds in the autumn and along with spent compost from a failed Xmas spud crop which has been used to mulch the flower beds, what's in the full darlek will be for pots.

I'd advise a mix of bought and home grown compost.

Good luck with what you've bought.     

The potty gardener

I was trying to decide which to buy on friday- it came as a pot luck choice in the end. Having bought it I went into Lidl where there was a pack which had been opened- I must say it looked very nice.


I've used that Erin for the first time this year and I'm  well impressed with it,  I used to get B+Q's own but since it changed to Verve it's not the same texture it's not broken down properly and still got massive lumps of wood in it


Rain. I tried Verve at the start of last year and wasn't impressed either but then by chance at the end of the growing season bought a huge split bag, it was vey good quality....guess it's a lottery....   

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