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I don't think they do rat-sized ones, but I have a couple of electric mouse traps, the mouse goes inside (it can't get back out as it has baffles in there), as soon as it steps on the metal bit to get the bait, pfzzzzz, mouse is dead, and triggers a red flashing light to let you know the deed has been done.  Pick up with a carrier bag, invert trap and flip the  lid open, the corpse will drop into the bag.  knot the bag, put it in another bag, and it can go into household waste.

I have to do this, my husband is too big a wuss to do it.  I don't like the ordinary spring traps, if they don't snap over the mouse's head, they can get a leg and then it's a slow death - unless you draw the short straw and use a housebrick to put it out of it's misery (speaking from horrible experience there).  Yes, they are pricey, but well worth it as they're humane, clean and can be used with dogs and kids (I have both, and from time to time a mouse problem as I live in a house that's near a farm, the farmer is none to fastidious in his habits (that's a long story that involves environmental health, a pig ban and a chap that lives in the village that does aerial photography for a living!!)

I suppose you can always google electric rat traps to see if they exist, otherwise I'd use the specially designed pre-baited rat boxes, they're sealed so dogs and kids can't get at them.  Was told by the Rentokil man that mice and rats won't share a house, so I suppose I get the lesser of two evils.  I'm sure the farmer at the back has rats and worse.


i have rats visting one bin at the moment . and they make a great job of turning the  compost for me . time for them to move on now .  i take out the carpet and plastic sack . which they like to sit on . and leave the lid off and make sure no fruit goes goes in the bin  for a while 


Archipem, you seem very relaxed about your rats.  They all carry leptospirosis aka Weils Disease, so do take care when handling your compost.


Hi Egox,some time ago this was suggested, cut 20 inches of drain pipe, in the middle cut hole about 4 inches square and place bait inside,,now cut 18 inch larger pipe and copy first, place this over smaller pipe and turn the smaller inside pipe so cut hole cant be seen, by turning the inside pipe so both holes are seen you can refill the inside small pipe, no harm to larger animals as they cant get into smaller pipe to eat , works better weighted down with a stone or something.
i cant upload a pic sorry but it does work and also by pulling the smaller pipe out you can discard without touching sort of thing,then re-bait and put back inside again you only have to make it lasts forever,bit sad but needs to be done



My newly acquired Jack Russell has scared away the rats that apparently used to live under the concrete slab under the oil tank. They now live in a neighbour's garden; he shoots them with an air rifle as they walk along the fence.

When it comes to rats you need to get the big guns in....either local pest control or rentokil...based on a friends experience...she had rats which chewed through the concrete of her kitchen wall to access her bags of rice in her kitchen cupboards....after weeks of faffing around with traps, poison, my ace mouser Isobel (cat)  etc rentokil turned up and the rats soon met their maker....never to return


I'm horrified at some on the answers on here!!!! 

I live in the country so rats and mice can be a problem.

to DETER rats from even entering your garden is easier than you think ...

1 - just plant mint around the edges of your garden - they won't pass by it and it smells lovely

2 - plants and bushes should be planted 5 feet or more away from all buildings

3 - if you feed the birds (judging on some of the answers on here, you won't care or have any respect for animals) make sure that bird feeders are on poles (high up) 

hope this helps to eradicate evil and nasty ways to kill an animal! what gives us the right to kill anything? they have as much right to be here as we do and we carry more diseases than anything - deadly ones too! list them and some on you would be trying to find ways of killing us!!!! 


also (sorry lol) check around door frames and window frames for little holes and fill them 

you can put open moth balls in basements and attics to deter them from entering your home 

spray peppermint ... mix naphthalene flakes and gypsum with chilli pepper and scatter it around your home or on your garden 



Apart from the fact that most of what you advocate simply doesn't work, you obviously don't have a clue ... napthalene is nasty stuff

"...Exposure to large amounts of naphthalene may damage or destroy red blood cells. Humans, in particular children, have developed this condition, known as hemolytic anemia after ingesting mothballs or deodorant blocks containing naphthalene. Symptoms include fatigue lack of appetite, restlessness, and pale skin. Exposure to large amounts of naphthalene may cause  confusion,nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the urine ad jaundice(yellow coloration of the skin).

Over 400 million people have an inherited condition called  glucose-6-phosphatge dehydrogenase deficiency. Exposure to naphthalene is more harmful for these people and may cause hemolytic anemia at lower doses.

When the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) exposed male and female rats and mice to naphthalene vapors on weekdays for two years, male and female rats exhibited evidence of carcinogenic activity based on increased incidences of  adenoma and neuroblastomaof the nose, female mice exhibited some evidence of carcinogenic activity based on increased incidences of alveolar and bronchiolar adenomas of the lung, and male mice exhibited no evidence of carcinogenic activity.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies naphthalene as possibly carcinogenic to humans and animals Group 2B. The IARC also points out that acute exposure causes cataracts in humans, rats, rabbits, and mice; and that hemolytic anemia, described above, can occur in children and infants after oral or inhalation exposure or after maternal exposure during pregnancy. Under California's Proposition 65, naphthalene is listed as "known to the State to cause cancer".A probable mechanism for the carcinogenic effects of mothballs and some types of air fresheners containing naphthalene has been identified.


Rats, like greenfly and slugs, will always be with us.

The best thing you can do is to not give them a reason to hang about in your house or garden. Check for broken or missing u bends , broken or dislodged waste pipe traps and broken manhole covers.

Don't leave uneaten bird food lying around on the ground. Don't leave pet food or bird seed in easily gnawed bags and boxes in garages, sheds and cellars.


Keep compost heaps well covered and regulary turned.

if you have a pet, train it to attack them. I have had good results with both dogs and cats.


Rats .22 rifle, quick and the best way for the rat to go. I'm glad to say I've only had to shoot one in the last 12 months. If I hadn't though, by now we would have a family of them.

I purposely drop half the bird food on the floor for ground feeders. If you have a rat already, it will find it. Make sure it is safe for the shot (no chance of the pellet leaving the garden or ricochets causing damage). Do the business, get on with life.

I properly hate doing it but rats are not good for me, the family or the neighbour's. Having a compost heap in a rural area it is inevitable that they will need controlling at some point, so I take it as my responsibility to do it.



 The Gardeners Boy

naphthalene is indeed extremely poisonous in its undiluted form. I use to work with the stuff it came in specially sealed drums and was stored and handled in a negative air pressure room and we had to wear special suites and breathing apparatus to enter the room.


I use a Belgian product called ToxaOverdose.  It is sachets of blue grain pellets soaked in poison which kill the rats and other rodents quite quickly and then dessicates the corpses so you don't get the dreadful smell of decomposing bodies.   It is faster than the ones containing warfarin that make them bleed to death over a few days.

Our house is an old farmhouse surrounded by arable fields and pasture so rodents are a permanent feature in the garden and they migrate into the house and barn and attic and garage in winter so out come the sachets.   They've also been eating my pots and troughs of bulbs in the greenhouse this year.

I have a mousing cat and two dogs, one of whom is an excellent ratter but they can't get them all so I slide the sachets under and behind furniture and the stuff in the attic and garage so our pets are safe.   



Not upset Minxy - just ever so slightly fed up with people criticising others when they don't know what they're talking about

minxy wrote (see)

however - mint does work! I do have mint planted all around the edges of my garden and I haven't had problems with rats or mice. ...

That is not proof - we don't have mint all around the edges of our garden, but we have painted our fence Seagrass green and we've not had any problems with rats or mice since then - is that evidence that Seagrass green fences deter rats?  Of course not.

And rivers, streams and ditches are frequently full of growing mint all along the banks ............... and frequented by rats ............ mint does not deter rats. 

At a factory in Norwich large quantities of Mint Sauce and Mint Jelly are made - if your theory worked they would not need to take any action to keep rats away would they?  But of course they do.



As for not having plants growing too close to buildings - yes, rats can access roof spaces etc by climbing up walls covered with creepers etc

However a member of my farming family stores tonnes of potatoes in modern concrete walled buildings without any grass, bushes, shrubs or similar withing 25 metres minimum - but he has to use bait stations to deal with rats as they still attempt to access the stores because they simply love potatoes - they will gnaw through cement to get at potatoes. 


If mint worked it would have been used commercially years ago. I've got both water mint and ordinary mint in the garden, which has loads of small mammals living it. I was watching a wood mouse on one of my wildlife cams last night, and a big hairy spider, glad it was out there and not near me lol. 

If you are going to kill a rat you might as well shoot it and kill it straight away rather then poison it and let it suffer. I am sure you or someone you know must have a gun.



That could waste a lot of time sitting around waiting for them, not to mention all the bovver of getting a gun permit.    The poison I use does the job quickly and without further effort or time form me apart form bunging any corpses in teh bin.

Now I just need to find a way to stop all the meeces from migrating into our attic via the rather too porous brick walls this old farm is built from.   Any sensible suggestions gratefully received as they've been more than usually numerous and persistent this year.