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our new house has the most lovely frount and back gardens. they have been a little neglected by the previous owner just for one season. now we have started with a passion to make our mark on them but i am ever plagued in EVERY bed and boarder by bind weed. IT IS EVERWHERE!! i have tried everything including a new targeted weed killer but it just keeps coming!! i have had some sucess with it but it still comes back with a vengance in even the freshest new beds. its all interwoven with the already well established shubs and trees so a complete over hall is impossible. Does anyone have any advise as to how to get rid of this evil weed?

Keep digging out as much as you can. When i took on my allotment 6 years ago it was covered and although i still get it growing there isnt so much. I dont think any weedkiller will finish it off just persistant digging. I wish you luck.

Sorry maud, I think glyphosate is the answer....correction, i know it to be the answer. From an infested garden I now have no bindweed whatsoever

Queen quack, bindweed is easily killed by glyphosate but there are some factors. One is 5 hours of dry weather after application. Two you need to apply it 2 or 3 times this summer. Apply at the rosette stage...weedkiller is more effective on new growth. The shoots will be killed.  Further shoots will appear in few weeks so spray these. Repeat few weeks later.

To get the rosette stage cut back and allow fresh growth ...this is ideal to spray

Digging will spread your bindweed every piece of root, no matter how small, will grow

Have tried glyphosate and its still growing. The people that had the house before us let the garden go wild almost gottem rid of the ivy.


You say it is a new home for you.  Have you been there long enough for glyphosate to work?  The weather has only warmed up recently.  It is no use applying it unless the weed is actively growing.  It then takes some time to work.  Not days.

Do not use the stuff you get in garden shops or centres.  You need agricultural Roundup.  Expensive, but if you have a bad infestation it will be an investment.  Ensure you dilute it according to instructiions, and give it time to work.



You cant get agricultural roundup without a licence. I have some, and I reckon it is the same as the retail version with an added wetting agent. You cash get a more concentrated version in stump killer, but I don't think you need it for bindweed. 

The thing to rremember is that bindweed roots can go down several metres (no kidding) and glyphosate (roundup) only travels down a short distance before it is used up. So the root system below has enough energy left to send up more shoots. If these get to the surface and get enough sunlight the bindweed will get going again. So with this weed you have to ensure you keep on top of it till the root system is exhausted. 

Glyphosate takes 7 days or more before its effect is clearly evident, and meantime some shots from unconnected bindweed plants can appear. This is more likely if you have been digging it out, as every bit of root left in the ground forms a new plant that will  need to be treated separately. 

Glyphosate will work, I can assure you, if you are persistent.


I agree, you will not dig out bindweed & digging only makes it 10 times worse! I find the best way not to kill the whole garden is to mix the Glyposate (at the right mix) in a jam jar the get a paint brush & paint it on! it will work & yes it will take time, we're right in the south of the country & it's only just coming up enough to spray now!

Good luck

Oh dear, not a short job ! if you find that the Bindweed is traveling through plants,eg in the border, try putting in some sticks or something for the Bindweed to climb up,then do some homework on a weedkiller that works on the leaves, take care if you use a spray ,don't use if it is windy, you may kill something that you want to keep. This is a job for quite sometime, so keep your cool.

Sorry folks.  Bindweed is not,difficult per plant.  I'm currently eradicating from a friend's    Neglected garden.  It's the amount,of bindweed usually that's the problem....the number of roots and shoots.  Spray or paint each time you see it.  I had,it suffocating my raspberries....I coiled it around sticks or gathered it on the soil and sprayed or painted.  When top growth has died cut it off and be aware of regrowth from other roots there and spray those rosettes.  Any glyphosate does it for me but I agree if you can get super strength type all the better.

Glyphosate works.

I agree with Verdun. I once had a garden full of it and digging it out was the worst thing to do. After 5 years of it increasing triffid-like, I sprayed it with glyphosate. The 2nd year as soon as I saw a shoot I painted it with Glyphosate Gel, and in subsequent years each time I saw a shoot. 

It's a long job but eventually it went.

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