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Hi, I've got bindweed, alder, buttercups and ivy growing in different parts of my garden and I can't get to their roots to get rid of them without digging up/killing off other plants I want to keep. I thought about using that gel weedkiller on the leaves but am worried with all the rain it'll wash off onto other plants. Any suggestions how to get rid of these pesky weeds without digging up the whole garden?


The weedkiller dries and is absorbed by the leaves-it is going to be dry in most areas now for a while by the look of it-a good time to apply as the weeds will be growing strongly

It takes 2/3 weeks to show the effects so don't expect instant results

Is there any way to get rid of buttercups on land where horses graze ? Anything safe ? Can take horses off land for a couple of days if needbe. Dont want to dig them up as this will wreck field and take too long . Thanks !


I once used weedkiller for paddocks from a farm suppliers. I had to leave the horses off for a minimum of 2 weeks. However, it killed wildflowers as well and the buttercups were more resistant, so I stopped using it. Buttercups are mildly toxic to horses, but they don't eat them. They will be worse in a wet year and not so bad in a dry year.


Hi,Kish, if yo put your weed killer in a large glass container you can immerse the leading shoots of the plants into it and cover to prevent evaporation I do like to use S,B,K ,but you have to be very careful with it .



gardenning granny


That's good advice Derek.  Took me years to eradicate ground elder by both digging out roots and weedkiller on new gowth.  I'm now struggling with brambles which grow under the wire netting and holly dividing mine and next doors gardens.  Again I've tried the "dipping the growing tips in SBK solution"  and digging or pulling out rooted young plants, but there is always a bit that escapes my beady eye and is not spotted until it emerges from the top of the holly.  My arms bear the scars of tackling long whippy lengths of bramble in amongst the holly.

Is there an alternative?

chilli lover

GG - one thing we do is to cut down the undesirable plant pretty low and then use an artist's paitbrush to apply undiluted SBK directly onto the cut stem. May take you a while if you have loads to do but is an effective, targeted application,

gardenning granny

Thanks chilli lover - had not thought of treating the actual stem - have always thought you neded to coat the leaves.  Will gove it a try once we get a rain-free day.

Long growths of bind weed between wanted plants can be bundled into a polythene bag and sprayed (some times more than one time is needed) when it is growing strongly with Roundup.  Usually from April. Weigh the bag down with a stone.  Ivy can be killed with the same method but may need something stronger such as SBK depending how big it is.

hollie hock

I have loads of that of creeping buttercup, hate it. I do try and dig it out but also I will have spates of painting weedkiller on it with a paint brush, does the job. Time consuming but it is effective and doesn't affect other plants.

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