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this awful weed has spread like wild fire in my garden?  which is the best way to get rid of it???


Bruise the leaves then spray or paint with glyphosate - then leave it alone until it is brown and withered - may take some weeks - this will show you that the glyphosate has reached the roots and they are dead.  If you cut it down or pull it up before this stage has happened you will leave bits of living root in the soil, and have to do it all over again.  

If you do it properly it will work - you need to do it now or the plant will start to die back in the autumn and then it won't absorb the glyphosate properly and then you'll have to do it again in the spring.

Good luck 

Timely advice for me, thanks Dovefromabove ! We have some serious work to do on our garden at present (three kids, two full-time jobs, and all the rest...) and bindweed and brambles have crept in under the radar. Now the kids are grown up and I've retired I'm tackling it. I hate the thought of using glyphosate, or any other weedkiller, but can't see any alternative. Nowhere near any water courses or food crops, so I'm hoping one or two courses of the stuff should do the trick.

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