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Hi all I have black clusters of fly/aphid on my plants especially my dahlia, just under the flower head on the stem. Will washing up liquid spray combat this? 


Hints pls. Thankyou


You could try, never known it to really work though. Bug spray works, so does squashing them with your fingers but this is messy. 


Blast them off with the jet from a hose, that's what I do 


I do same as Paula until the ladybirds appear. Bit late this year 


I'd do the same thing with a hose....but, I don't have that kind of luxury. Feel blessed people.


Washing up liquid on so let's see! Pests are a pest!!!

..I would have some washing up liquid to hand and simply wash them off.  Use old cloth to avoid the "mess".  It's what I do. 


yeah washing up liquid mixed with water in an old squirty bottle does the trick.. or just rub them off.

Trying the squirt and rub lets see how it goes - thanks


Good thinking Verdun...the cloth.


marshmello why don't you have a hose? 



mine also have had this but i am adverse to using insecticides, spray bottle of water usually works for me, I do this daily even if there are no bugs present, my dahlias are looking stunning


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