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Bee friendly
Hi all, I am new to this gardening thing and have found clumps of black critters on my nasturtiums, how can I get rid of them??

Hi Bee friendly! You've got blackfly! They love nasturtiums and unless you want to use a pesticide spray the only thing you can really do is 'jet' them off with a blast of water from a hose or sprayer. Some may say use diluted washing up liquid or similar which may work short term but they'll be back!


But if you, like me, like to add nasturtium flowers to your salads, the leaves to a salami sandwich on brown bread, and pickle the seeds to use as capers, don't use insecticide - it won't do you any good!!!


And if you do decide to use something like Provado read the instructions and warnings very carefully.

Bee friendly
Thanks, I will try your suggestions


Alina W

Or, better still, use a food-safe insecticide - there are plenty of them about.

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