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My cherry tree as tall as my house and i can see the top of the tree and on side of the tree leaves are all curled up. initially i thouht this is due to being hot temp as this tree is in south facing garden.  I only noticed that it was black aphids, when my neigbour plant just under the plant looked the same. and my heart just sank.  OMG these aphids can destroyed my entire garden. is there anyway i can deal with this. i can spray the plants in my pots. i.e wisteria,clemits, roses, tomotoes etc.. I donot want tocut this tree down. and each day i am noticing that the are working there way down from top of the trees.

Please advise.



Don't panic!

These may be cherry black fly and if so it's cherries they go for. The link below is to some info on the RHS site

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