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i have black flys on the top of the soil, is there anything we could use ( pet friendly ) that we could use to stop them. 


Thanks guys ????


Do you have a photo? There are zillions of types of fly in the British Isles!

I tend to live and let live. Things that appear (a) generally disappear as fast as they came and (b) pose no threat to anyone or anything but are just trying to earn a crust like the rest of us.

Send us a picture and some fly lover will tell us what you have there.


when planting they are just a nuiscance, from my research it looks like gnats! i cannot get near the soil for these pests.


Sticky fly paper and stop watering your pots from above, let the top soil dry out and only water into a dish under the pot


If it is compost and indoors then yes, fungus gnats. I thought it must be outside because of the word soil. There is a small black fly, like a fruit fly, that congregates on the soil at this time of year. They sit in the sun and wave their wings at each other. Apart from that, I never see them.  I have no idea what they are or what role they have in the ecology of the garden. I call them semaphore flies.


we made a border and put compost on the top and they seem to just love it!

we are not watering from above we have a computerised watering system in place.


All part of life's rich tapestry.

I meant automated watering system pansyface 

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