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I've joined this forum to ask this question, as we have made a huge mistake. We bought some evergreen 4 in 1, but were very naive and put too much on the lawn, leaving lots of black marks and holes. Considering the lawn was pretty much all weeds, it's a wonder it doesn't look worse. 


Here is a picture of the lawn as it stands now: 


Pretty bad huh? Just wondering what we can do to fix this, and hoping the blackness will not be permanent. I know grass can grow under the worst conditions, so we're hoping in time it will go back to normal colour.


Any advise in the meantime would be very helpful. 





Hi, the lawn will eventually grow back green but it might take a while as its been scorched.  Only thing I can suggest is loads and loads of watering to try and dilute the feed through the soil a bit.  Give it a good rake during autumn to remove dead grass and weeds etc, reseed it and top dress it with some top soil and hope for a damp warm autumn.  Might take a while but you'll get there with it eventually.  Think you'll find you're not the only one who has made this mistake - I know I have in the past. 


Grass is very resilient and grows from the base.  It can survive intense grazing, wildfires and drought.  I wouldn't worry about it at all.  


Don't panic - the black bits are probably weeds - they will die off - the fertiliser will help the grass to grow and spread and replace the weeds - as others have said give it plenty of water and try not to worry - it'll be fine in a month or two 

Phew, I think you've all put my mind at rest a bit! Would over seeding be overkill, or do you think this might help?



Leave it for a bit Matt, just water it loads.  Seed it in the autumn if it needs it.

how long after using evergreen complete can you put down grass seed as i have black patches please help someone

Brenda, those black patches are prob areas of dying moss.  I would wait a couple of weeks yet to see if grass grows there.

the black patches is dead moss/weeds, you need to rake the dead stuff up to allow for the grass to grow

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