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 Flora rosa

What is high potash fertiliser?  I keep hearing it but only know that it's in liquid tomato feed, which is very very expensive to use over summer on all my plants! I currently dig in chicken manure, rose feed granules and mulch with manure in spring, then sprinkle a bit more around in mid-summer , do I also need to feed weekly with tomato feed? On the black spot front, I spray with weak sulphur solution (green gardeners), take off affected leaves and dispose in bin, ensuring that , and I use a paint brush for this, the ground around is coated in the sulphur solution too. The new growth is coming through clear. 


The twiggier and stickier the fuel for the bonfire the higher the proportion of potash in the ashes will be.  

The old allotmenteers in our village used to dry off their runner bean haulms and burn them on a dry winter's day along with old pea sticks etc.  

Then they'd incorporate the ash into their compost heap - fantastic for growing squashes and pumpkins on the following year.


David Morgan, thank you for your advice

 Flora rosa

Interesting, thanks. Does that include then BBQ ash as I've been putting that in the compost ? 


Same question for log burner ash.....? 




Re blackspot I usually spray my roses with multirose v early in the season.  I normally have no trouble.  This year I noticed loads of spots not only on my roses but on other plants.  I could not believe I had such a problem - then about a week later I realised what it was, my neighbour had sprayed his fence.

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