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Just found a small Blackberry shoot, about 3 to 4 inches high, from items I've read, they need too much pruning and training, as family aren't fond of them, will weed killer get rid or will it need digging up? too late tonight, but early start tomorrow   




I'd dig it up. It's not very big. A half minute job

Thanks nut, but I was wrong AGAIN, swmbo says if I can grow enough berries she will make some jam, too big a challenge to miss, now got to swot up on them.



Blackberries are pretty invasive, keep an eye on it's progress if you are keeping it.

If you really want b/b's it may be better to dig this one up and get a named variety from a nursery.


I agree with Artjak - although some wild blackberries are delicious, they are variable.  Better to get a named variety with a reputation for good flavour. 


Will dig it up later today, had already planned a trip to local nursery, so will add to ever growing list, empty wallet time again!

Thanks again,



Although the thornless varieties seem a good idea, I've found the ones with thorns have a better flavour.  Reuben is particularly good in my opinion. 


Blackberries i got some really good advice from Bob the G,  2 to consider Whaldo,and Black Butte have a look at these on line ,well worth a couple of minutes 


I've just been picking blackberries from one of the thornless ones (might be Apache) - never had them produce in July before!


Morning Bob Have you ever had Custer with your Apaches Bob 

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