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I have had raspberries for many years but very little fruit.  Early this year I replanted all the healthy canes which are now abundant but without fruit.  Should I give up?


Do you know the variety?-summer or autumn fruiting?

Summer.  The autumn ones are fine


Did they flower but not set fruit or just not flower?

They never flowered.  Big and heathy but barren!



In my experience if a plant that should flower but doesn't. and has nice healthy leaves it is a sign of a too high nitrogen feed -have you fed them at all?

They had plenty of well rotted horse manure in the winter.  There are also some new plants appearing nearby.  Will they be worth keeping?


I'd give them a bit longer.  Is it possible the autumn ones have spread into your summer patch and these are actually autumn canes?  You know how raspberries are - I had some which sent roots under a lawn and appeared 20ft away on the other side! 

Thanks for that, I will persevere and grudgingly buy this year's rasps from the local farm shop.  Maybe 2013!

I have 2 different types of autumn raspberries in pots, one lot have fruited, they are in shallow pot, the other has not flowered but grown vigorously in deep pot. can you advise for growing next year? Both have been fed and watered the same.

We didn't have much fruit on the autumn raspberries and have just found out why, the squirrel was on the canes enjoying the fruit for his breakfast !!!! I was not impressed with him 

I've got a similar problem. I've got an autumn fruiting raspberry in a pot. Have had for at least 2, if not 3 years but it isn't doing well. I had fruit this year - a single solitary raspberry! and the the leaves keep going brown. It's very leggy. I'm not sure whether it's sick or quite what to do with it. Have no room in garden for it (garden is tiny) so pot is my only option. It's a very deep pot. Any ideas?

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