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Hi there,my peach tree leaves are blistered and curled.Could anyone tell me what to do to remedy this. Thànk you.


Too late for this year, but next year you need to cover it up. The fungus spores for peach leaf curl come in the rain you need to keep it dry until the leaves are open.

Hiya Julian.

Yes just as Anne has said.

Best you can do is remove those blistered leaves and feed to encourage new shoots.

I have 2 small peaches in biggish pots.  I always bring them into the greenhouse in spring when growth starts but I forgot.  So I got Peach leaf curl.  I picked off the affected leaves and put Imto greenhouse.  I think Im ok.  New unaffected leaves have grown now.  

Its the new tender growth that needs to be protected from rain. Later in the late spring the leaves are unaffected so I put the bushes outside then.  A seaweed spray is good too....mid spring amd after fruiting

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