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hollie hock

Not ever used this before,the box says to sprinkle 70g per square metre or 2oz per sq yard. Would you say 70g is about a handful?  I'm assuming that this is good for any plants that I have in the beds. It's a mixture of perennials and biennuals and will be planting annuals later on.

How should the bed look when you've finished? Should there be a layer of it across the beds? I'm guessing that at that measurement, the 1.5 kg box should empty pretty quickly.

I may as well as get it done right as I don't often do anything to the soil other than plant in to it.

Thanks for any info


weight it out in some kitchen scales then put it into your hand and you'll know. 

Once you've sprinkled it, give it  a little tickle over with a hoe to get it below the surface and let the moisture start to work on it.


I use an old yoghurt pot or cream carton - weigh the right amount out and mark  the level on the carton with a felt tip pen.  Then you can use it as a scoop

hollie hock

Thanks Hosta, not sure if we have any kitchen scales here, not really a cook. I did one of my flower beds today but looking at what's left I think I might have been a bit light handed with it.

hollie hock

That's a good idea Dove, I'll have to ask OH if we have scales. He does all the cooking



I've never really measured what I put on hollie 

I'd reckon a scant handful should cover a two or three square feet I think. 

I have quite small hands....

hollie hock

I wish they would put that as instructions on the box Fairy That makes perfect sense, thanks!

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