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I am growing jalalpeneos, Scotch Bonnet and Habanero on my south facing sunny balcony. They are doing really well, but have now developed blue chalky spots on most of the leaves. What should i be doing ?


Blue chalky spots are a new one on me. Can you post a photo?

Have you been using slug pellets?

They are very light blue/white , am growing on a balcony so no slug pellets are involved

 Almost looks like mildew..


Outside on my balcony now after being inside for few weeks , as the weather has gotten hotter.


Is there a possibilitily that a bird has pooped over the leaves. I have never come across mildew on chilli plants. Try washing it off the leaves and see what happens over the next week. Chilli plants LOVE heat, when they get over their sulking period and start putting on height, the hotter the greenhouse the better.

Rob, back to your original description, you say 'chalky' - is this referring to the colour or texture? I'm still thinking along the lines of something being sprayed/ deposited on the leaves rather than something originating in the plant itself.

Mashmello and figrat, many thanks for the input  i have come to the conclusion,with your advice, that it is a deposit of somekind. It could be from the water i sprayed on the leaves as I live in a hard water area. Also Im very close to the beach so it could also be salt deposits. It wipes off easily enough and the plants dont seem distressed so i ll avoid watering the leaves, and see if it improves. Thanks again guys.

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