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Stacey Docherty

 This poor looking specimen is my blueberry! What's up with it? I have had it for 4 years and it's been prolific until this year when it's just not putting on growth! im going to replace the compost ( ericaceous of course) today but any wisdom would be appreciated


I have about a dozen Stacey and one of them looks just like yours this year.  I wonder if it could be vine weevil?  Let me know if you find any when you re-pot and I'll do the same to my poorly one!

Stacey Docherty

Bob I treated this for vine weevil in autumn but will double check

Stacey, it looks like too much old wood there.  My bushes are prob 5 years old and every spring......April I guess.....I remove all old wood, the grey wood.  I try to keep as much coloured as possible.....and prune/spur all shoots on this wood.  I think blueberries fruit on last year's wood so I prune to encourage this.  Too much old wood tires the bush and is unproductive anyway.  I think.

I would not repot as such.  Is your compost saturated though?  It's difficult to properly see your bush but it looks like it is.  And the compost level is low.  Blueberries are shallow rooting.  I would be inclined to lift it out of its pot and add ericaceous compost to the bottom.  Also lightly scrape with fingers the top compost and apply fresh. Water well. 

My blueberries are looking pretty good.....plenty of fruit, compact and green.  I apply Epsom salts in early spring as a tonic and a little fish blood and bone.  A light mulch of ericaceous compost too.

My blueberries  are in pots of ericaceous John innes and plunged in the ground. They are slightly higher than soil level but whole local area ....pots and mulched with ericaceous compost.  I ensure pots are reasonably moist.  (use tap water but shouldn't really but seem to get away with it.)

Hope this helps.

If vine weevils are a problem you can easily the roots look eaten and when you remove some of the soil can you see grubs?





I found the problem with mine.  As Verdun mentioned drainage, I checked and the compost in this one was saturated, so most of the roots had rotted off.  I've re-potted it into a better drained ericaceous mix and cut it back hard, as well as drilling some extra drainage holes in the pot.  The sick one is Aurora, but the pot next to it has the same type, potted at the same time using the same compost and it fine, but the soil in that pot is clearly better drained.  Only time will tell if I caught it in time, but at least I have another 11 (5 different types) which are doing OK.

Stacey Docherty

Yeah just pulled it up and the roots have rotted  Ahhhhhh well new blueberry and maybe a pink berry

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