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Organic every time no matter what the academics say.
What an excellent thread. I have used pelleted chicken manure for the last few years to give the soil a boost before planting. I was going to use Growmore when planting various fruit bushes out this spring but have changed my mind, I'll give fish bone and blood a go instead. We're very lucky to have such knowledgable people here, thanks for everyone's input.
Bunny ...
Alot to take in there, I see bone meal poisonous to dogs. Is there anything safe for a typical 'scoff it and see' lab . I'd hate to use anything she could get near. She is supervised not just put out to roam but we work from she so does have the freedom to mooch. I have used bfb before when planting and don't tend to leave anything on the surface when feeding .

I know this thread is an old one, but I wanted to ask does anyone know if the blood fish and bone is harmful to the earthworms and centipedes, in turn birds?

I had some BFB given to me, its quite old I think but I sprinkled it on two veg beds today in anticipation of heavy rains tomorrow,  it didn't occur to me till after that it may not be a good thing for the earthworms, birds etc.


Hope someone can advise.


It will be absolutely fine when used as directed on the packet.  Chucking a whole packet directly onto a worm, centipede or at a bird would be the only way I could see it harming them!



Thanks Bob 


Only too happy to help the gardeners friends  thanks Edd

Simon Benjamin

Artificial fertilisers can damage worms and also burn up carbon in the soil. Unfortunately even organic based fertilisers can burn up carbon. The simple solution is to use plenty of compost to raise carbon levels as well as Fish Blood and Bone. Biochar is also an option for increase soil carbon but quite expensive at the moment. Another option to think about is to plant a mustard and clover mix on spare beds as this will increase the carbon and the nitrogen in the soil, leading to better yields. 

Fish blood and bone is slightly more expensive, but its slower acting and this can be an advantage as plants don't go to lush and become targets for aphids. 

Combined with seaweed feeding you will get superb plants. Unless the slugs eat them, but thats another story...

you are correct Simon.  Artificial fertilisers like Gromore do harm worms when they come into contact with it.  Years back I noticed this and stopped using Gromore.  Fish blood and bone is more gentle, feeds soil and encourages life in it.  The only proviso is where foxes, badgers are present...they smell the fertiliser and dig for it.  agree again with Simon about seaweed ...the best of all fertilisers if you can get hold of it in bulk 

Simon Benjamin

Even bulk prices its like £2+ a kilo (for seaweed meal). But that about enough for 20 square metres, so 10p a square metre price. Worth it for high value areas like raised beds, fruit gardens and so me rose and perennial flower gardens too.

I bet it would be worth piling compost over fish blood and bone, to stop the smell and stop the digging.

Just "tickle" fish blood and bone into the soil surface Simon


Thanks Simon and Verdun, 


Simon where do you buy your seaweed meal, what make etc?


Very greatful.


I used to have visions of going to the ocean to bring back bags of seeweed, but didn't fancy the other organisms I might be travelling back with in the car   lol


Jade, I used to do just that.  Bags full of seaweed with all sorts of jumping, leaping and crawling creatures.  Mind you they tasted good with my cheese sandwiches .

Simon Benjamin

If you want a lot of seaweed, LBS trade horticulture is good for wholesale prices. You have to ask for a trade account. Just tell them your starting a plant nursery. They are happy to let you have a trade account. And delivery is free when you spend £125 + vat. 

Make is Maxicrop, price from £52+vat to £44.65+vat if you buy 6 (25KG bags)

Personally I mix it 50/50 with FBB and add 200 grams per square metre. Then with heavy feeders give a second dose of the FBB. As well as plenty of green waste compost.

if you just want one bag to try it then can sort you out.


Many thanks Simon 


Where is it legal to take seaweed from, above or below the tide line?  I know it needs a good wash before use to remove as much salt content as possible.  One other question, how long does fresh hen poo and bedding need to stand prior to use in the garden. Our hens enjoy making it, I just need to store it and for how long? Thank you.

Rose lady says:

I have planted some flowering shrubs in my garden. Come early spring what do I sprinkle around them. I read about General fertiliser, Bone meal, Fish and Bone, manure...the list is endless.please help...from one very confused woman! Thank you

See original post




do you have another query Val? 

Oh dear I bought Gromore, I didn't realise it's not good for the plants, earth or worms!! I only bought it because the shop only had very large tubs of chicken manure, too heavy for me to carry, as I was on my own at the time.  I think I'll just use it on my annuals, waste not want not as the saying goes.

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