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I brought some 3years old bonsai trees last autumn on clearance, try watering them to keep them survive until I just pull out a couple and found they have wooden trunk. Just wonder if that means they are dead & cant be recover anymore? As I'm not to SURe are the theory same as plant vs tree?


Thank you




Bonsai trees are just trees that have been kept small by root pruning and small pots. What varieties are they?


I have Camora & Sageteria


Sageteria is chinese bird plum which will be decidouos and have no leaves at this time of year. keep it outside in a sheltered position from wind, and keep it damp but not too should grow leaves in April or May.

I do not know what camora? is, please check spelling.

If you purchased them from a Bonsai grower/nursery, they should be happy to advise you.

If from a Garden Centre, it's always worth asking advice but I suspect you won't have much luck from them  re advice/info if they were bought in and then sold off cheaply when they didn't manage to sell them.

There are several good Bonsai nurseries and informative articles - it would be a pity if you were put off this fascinating aspect of tree growing by an early disappointment.

Good luck  

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