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Does anybody know if box blight affects other plants near by, such as conifers, these have all been in place for about 4 years with no previous show of blight to any of them, but  2 of my specimen conifers are now going brown - or could this all be down to too much rain!

Many thanks

phytophthora has been a problem with conifers, esp junipers down here. but, as dove says, conifers suffer browning for many reasons.  red spider, a type of, affects picea Albertiana Conica, for example, and although the effects are seen in summer the real damage may not show up until later.  solution to this problem is simply a periodic hosing during hot dry  weather  (remember what that was?...can used smileys on this computer!).  what conifers are they Pots Galore? and are they in an exposed situation? Box blight is peculiar just to box

heck! it seems smileys dont work on this computer after all


Ok guys, havent worked out the smileys yet......ha ha ha

Many thanks for all replies.

VERDUN - I've just found the labels I've kept from the plants.

Juniper Chinensis - Blue Alps (which is showing a little browning of the pendulous branches) &

Juniperus squamata - Blue carpet (this is nearly all brown now), but I note from the 'Position' on the label - wide range of soil conditions ' except extremely wet' , so I guess this is my problem.  With future (months or years?) weather conditions expected to continue wet, I could always put a pond in.

We live in a totally exposed situation on ALL sides of our property, no tree shelter; and not allowed to plant any.  Hedges are kept at roughly 3/4ft, as we are surrounded by farmland.

Don't know what's going on with my smileys....?? Pots galore, I grew blue alps few years back and it was stunning until suddenly it started to brown. ,then it quickly got worse. Phytophorora? Maybe. A pool makes,with what you have and make the best of it. Now, what do,I do with the jokers on the forum? I like red one sante fey.....looks just like me. Happy Xmas friends

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