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how do i tell the difference between bramble and stingy nettles???

how do i get rid of the stuff


brambles have sharp prickes and woody stems,

Stinging nettles have furry leaves and growth upright like spires.

And then there is always the "stick your hand in and see if it hurts" test, but not one I would recommend


As for getting rid - both are a challenge - you will need to dig every scrap of root out, or resort to roundup/glyphosphate

Stacey Docherty

Lol @ chicky for the stick your hand in!!!! 


Or your leg which is my usual limb of choice 

Depends on how big an area you need to clear, but if you cut brambles right down to the ankles they're usually not too bad to dig out as the roots are fairly shallow. Not a pleasant task though especially removing the bits you cut! Nettles are probably easier done with weedkiller unfortunately, but if it's a big area and you can only do a bit at a time make sure you take the flower heads off the rest as they seed everywhere. Small areas can always be chopped or mown regularly which is a more eco friendly alternative! The clippings can be made into a feed for diluting too.


Surely it is nettles which have shallow roots, not brambles? Certainly the ones I have are like that. I have taken out bramble roots which went down 3 feet and were over six feet long! Looked a bit like giant parsnips. Pity there isn't a category for them in the local flower & veg shows, mine would be definite winners!

Nettle roots are like yellow spaghetti, usually shallow rooted and form interlocking mats of roots making them tricky to pull out. The lighter the soil the easier it is.

Nettles sting and you are bound to get stung when dealing with them so keep some anti-histamine handy if you react badly to it. Brambles will rip and tear your skin, opening it up to soil bacteria leading to infections (1st hand experience, 9 weeks of antibiotics to sort it out). It really pays to wrap up well when dealing with either to avoid damaging yourself. Personal favourites are welders gauntlets.


You can make good liquid feed from nettles, stuff as many as you can fit into a large bucket and cover with water, leave for a while (it stinks) and then use to liquid feed plants. 

shallow roots fairly easy to remove they r  

as for making feed no way if it stinks?? lol

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