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Hi, we have an old bramley apple tree which is in dire need of pruning and appears to have a disease of some description. It has produced a huge amount of fruit this year but most of the apples are marked, can anybody help identify what is wrong and what treatment is required.

Many thanks 




Thanks for the quick response fidgetbones. The apples are fine inside so looking at you links it would appear to be scab. I think a severe pruning is in order 


I have spent most of today pruning a somewhat congested 20ft high James Grieve. It still had a lot of apples this year, just near on impossible to pick them. I expect that next year there will be less apples, but it needed it badly.

 I got some new tripod ladders. They feel very safe as opposed to the usual stepladders.

New trees are on much dwarfer rootstocks, but I like the taste of these aples , so it stays for now.


Well, we too have been apple picking today, but our tree is more like 30 feet tall and produced over 300 pounds of apples.

Severe pruning has been carried out.

Scab is not uncommon this year and Bramley does seem to get it. They are still usable, just need peeling.

Spray over winter with a Winter Oil wash and then  in Spring and Summer with a suitable fungicide (if you use such things) or Copper sulphate if you can get it still.




I hope you've got a big freezer Berghill.

Or are you making cider?


Well, we do have three freezers, but mostly our apples go into store. They usually last until April, depending on the severity of the winter and the ingress of rodents.

There is no point making Cider or Apple wine, sadly I am allergic to alcohol so never drink the stuff.

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