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I've several shrubs in the garden icluding rose and acer and all have had branches broken off and left in the pots. The  branches have had their leaves shredded off . This is tending to happen during the day but not when I'm watching to find out who the culprit is

Any suggestions of what is causing the problem would be appreciated and how I can prevent it occuring again

Human interference? I don't know of any animal that would cause the damage you describe.

Yes a vandal.  You have a not nice neighbour there Jill


Have you got  woodpigeons around - ours keep trying to land on twigs and branches that very obviously won't bear their weight - imagine a pigeon on a tulip seedhead anyone?  And a pigeon trying to land on an iris???  Various snapped branches - the pigeons also eat the new young leaves of trees and shrubs at this time of year.  

Steve 309

Homo sapiens , probably a juvenile or sub-adult.  Tend to be active in flocks around dusk.  Often respond to a sharp blow with the foot applied to the rump, which may well be visible through the plumage,



What about displaying a small notice - Plants In This Garden Have Been Sprayed with Pesticide - Do Not Touch.

If the damage continues you'll know the pigeons (or other pests) cannot read 

me london

Grinning at Steve's reply!!

Are they big branches? I watched squirrels completely destroy a young Japanese maple in my old garden. Took all the leaves off and then broke the branches. Happened again to the replacement, so I stopped trying to grow one!


CCTV - a real one, even if a cheap one, - and prominent signs are the way to go.

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