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As a beginer it was my first year growing Kale, broccoli etc. I started them off in plugs and planted them out in a raised bed in May. 2 days later there were just a few stalks left. After falsely accusing the slugs I realised it was birds (probably the two fat wood pigeons) and stuck some netting over them. This solved the problem BUT can I now remove the netting? Do the birds only go for the tender young shoots or will they still eat my 2 foot tall Kale and broccoli in October?

Many thanks



No guarantees, but it is unlikely the pigeons will go for the older plants. They like the tender and sweet young ones and by now yours should be OK.


I've seen hungry pigeons strip the leaves from  fully grown kale and broccoli in harsh weather - it depends what other food there is about.  I'd leave pigeon nettng on all winter, really I would.  

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