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can anyone advise? I have a cascading hoya,15yrs old. it has only produced one flower this year although the leaves are glossy and healthy looking.


It may depend on how well you look after it-we have one that hangs in a window during the winter-hangs outside in the summer seldom watered, hardly fed to my recollection -yet gets covered in flowers

So neglect may be the answer-or blame weather/ lack of sunshine

Where is yours situated and what treatment do you give it?


Had you recently repotted it by chance? New compost, more space would account for it looking healthy. They would prefer to be a wee bit potbound to flower well IME.

Daughter has inherited one, 'cousin' of mine I expect, that we potted on asap last yr. Growing like mad, but no flower signs yet. J.


Someone gave me a huge one  and it bloomed like mad every year when it was in a northerly facing window. But as it got bigger I had to move it to the landing, by a skylight, and I'm lucky if I get one flower each year now. It must be temperamental, but someone told me they like it shady. Am I wrong?

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