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Five circles of brown grass, surrounded by darker course green grass, have appeared in my lawn .  They only emerged a couple of weeks ago.  The garden did flood twice between end of May and mid June - could this have anything to do with it?

No idea what it is or the cause - any suggestions and remedies greatly appreciated

Hope photo is OK.


It looks as if a bitch or vixen has been peeing on your lawn - do you have a bitch or does one use your garden?


There are three cats nearby but none of them use the grass as a loo!


I'm sure someone will recognise this JanBi. Hang around over the weekend and someone will turn up


It still looks to me like a dog's or fox's  urine - the concentrated urine burns the grass but around the edges where the urine isn't so concentrated the nitrogen in the urine acts as a fertiliser making the grass grow darker and taller - your photographs are text book examples.

I think Buddyboy may be thinking of Fusariam patch lawn disease, which is now called Michrodochium nivale.   If that's what it is the brown patches will get bigger and bigger and eventually join up. It's most commonly seen in the winter, particularly after snow has been laying on the grass - not something that's happened recently.  Also it doesn't have the longer darker grass around the patches which are shown clearly in JanBi's photographs. 





Just popped out to take a photo of one of our lawn patches.  We do have a bitch and your pic looks very similar. Perhaps you will have to keep watch to see what visits your garden.

Salino're very lucky that it's a female dog...I've got a male and I've lost several nice plants because of his cock-a-leg tendencies...

..of course I still love


Bitch or vixen I think. The dead patch surrounded by bright green is a giveaway.

Thanks everyone for your helpful answers.  I looked at them this morning and the brown patches are actually shrinking, so I think it must be caused by animals.  We did see a fox about a year ago, but nothing since.  Unfortunately you cannot watch the garden 24/7 to find out what is out there!

Again, many thanks - I knew I would get some sensible replies from you guys.



If you notice a new one where the grass is beginning to turn brown, empty a bucket of water over it to dilute the pee - it should help a bit. 

Many thanks for the tip - will try to be more vigilant!

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