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hi all. I have a pair of box topiary at my south facing exposed front door. they have been there since April but one of them is getting patchy brown leaves. the other is. I do sometimes forget to water for a few days but I have been doing it at least every other day. here is a link to one of them

It doesn't look like box blight, so it's more of a case of neglect me thinks. I think it needs a feed and some minor pruning of the dried out bits. I'd leave it grow and put on some new growth before reshaping. A good drench once a week for a few weeks and feed should see a different plant in a few weeks.

I agree with Dave it doesn't look like blight it seems to be the whole leaf turning brown whereas blight would make brown blotches on the leaves. Give it a bit of an everyday fertiliser (Growmore perhaps) and a good soak and it should be back to normal in no time.


One of mine has done the same. I upped the water and feed...but it did not work. I took it out the pot and a lot of root has rotted. Instead of being dry the water was not draining as the crock covering the pot had acted like a plug.

So it is worth taking it out the pot and checking the roots.


thanks for the advice guys. think it's likely under watering as it's on South side of house and when I do water the water seep out almost immediately. should I cut the branches the brown leaves are on or just the leaves

If the water is seeping out almost straight away I'd plunge the plant into a bucket of water first and leave till bubbles stop rising. having looked at your picture again, I think I'd leave removing anything till the new growth appears, the dead leaves will fall naturally anyway.


If it is under watering, which relooking at the pic is likely, then the leaves will regreen over time, so do not cut off.

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