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We had very overgrown Rhodes which we cut back dramatically last summer and this year although flowering beautifully the leaves are turning brown. Don't know why or what ,if anything, can be done?

can you describe how the leaves look?

are they rolling up, cigar shaped, and dropping or are they spotted flat and dropping? 

the former could be phytophthora....not wanted...or the latter fungal leaf diseases which is less problematic

Are all the leaves turning brown or just a few? A few is normal, even evergreens lose a few leaves, and I would think a hard pruning could be a bit of a shock to it, especially if it's followed by a bad winter which will cause browning.

As Verdun says it could also be a fungal infection. If you don't think it is then I'd feed it, and keep your fingers crossed

Morning - just been out to look. We have 3 different Rhodes each running into the other. The purple one seems most affected and leaves are nearly all brown spotted, but flat, some have brown tips. The red one next to it has quite a few brown spotty flat leaves and the white one next to that seems okay. All have had a good cut back because very overgrown, must be over 30 years old.

morning jigsaw gill

i agree.  feed it with ericaceous food and let it recover from that hard pruning


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