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Hi, can anyone help please? I have a golden leylandi conifer and it is starting to go brown at the bottom of the tree on one side only. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening? I would very much appreciate any advice anyone might have. Thank you

They do tend to brown for various physiological reasons.  Could a fox or cat be urinating on it?  


It could also be 'wind burn', does the damaged side face the prevailing winds?

Hi, thanks for your replay Verdun to be honest I'm not 100% sure if a fox or a cat could be spraying. Although it is a possibility we do tend to get some cats in the garden they come to stalk the bird table I always shoo them off when I see them though. Is there any sprays you might know of to keep cats away?

Also thank you to your reply Artjak, No the tree is quite sheltered so couldn't suffer from any wind damage.



Or a dog lifting its leg.


Hello My Nans Garden

Can you place something there for a while?  I think it is a cat and if you can disrupt his.....probably daily....routine by blocking this spot your conifer may not be attacked again.  Maybe a few short bamboo canes?


I think once a conifer has started to go brown for whatever reason it will not green up again it dies and could spread up the tree depending on what it is thats causing it 


It could be all number of things, wind or pee. It might be heat burn reflected from a nearby wall or a fungal infection. If you have a fungicide it will be worth trying that,

A friend of mine has a large heather affected by pee....human pee.  Her builder was the culprit.  He came clean about it after I showed him the "damage" he had done.  Luckily the heather is growing now.  A bit of a running joke now but, of course, most builders see plants as just a bit of greenery.  Lol

Hi  y r my  conifers going brown on there tips can u help me r thay dieing

Hiya Tracey,

Do you know which conifers they are?  How big?  Possibly new growth during the mild spell now being hit by windburn.  I have lots of new shoots/buds right now on all sorts of shrubs and conifers.  


Possibly wind burn depends on the variety as some are hardier that others.


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