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My conifers have brown patches here and there on the hedging leylandi , weve had them for 20 years, and we were getting ivy from our riverside strangling them, we pulled it all out before it caused damage, but my husband just trimmed them theyre annual cut and theres more brown patches than usual, ive been out sprayingbthem just now with the bug gun, and I got my hubby to feed them with sequesered Iron sachets just one sachet to help in at their trunks, and im going to buy some of the proper insecticide for it, next week, can you give me anyntips what to do about these brown patches love janicexxxxxxx

Hi Janice, once branches go brown, if you cut into brown patches, i have not seen them regenerate, when cutting laylandi hedge, you need to sure you always cut where it's green. Wind damage can also brown patches. Have you seen any insects on them? Do you have any Photo's of damage? 

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