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Can anyone suggest why my conifer has gone brown, i have 2 trees, this one  has developed brown patches, there are some green leaves underneath on some of the branches, but not a happy tree. Is this likely to affect my other tree, or is it just dry? i can find non evidence of beasts on the branches. I live in Aberdeen, east coast. 



Doesn't look too alive Sarah does it? Think it's a gonner. Cold enough anyway where you are and after the winter and spring this year think that's been a bridge too far. What a shame.

You could always paint it green so that you still have the feature!

Did you prune it into shape yourself?


That's a lovely bit of pruning Sarah, a great shame it's come to this.

  We have 2, my other half is a bit handy with the snips, we " reclaimed" the conifers  and shapped them,  they have been snipped for about 5 years now. Don't want to leave it if there is a chance of something spreading.  Gutted its gone brown  

conifers like cool weather  

Sarah, it cold be due to a number of reasons but your conifer won't recover from that.  Best take it out I think.  Domt plant another conifer there though.


Ok, thanks for  the advice, thats what we thought. 


The second plant might be salvageable. Spray it with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer for 2 weeks and keep the tree watered and fed.

The first plant looks like Thuja - you can remove all the dead brown bits with your fingers but it will take a long time to look good. Thuja does regrow but not on old wood, hence using your fingers to remove the dead parts and not a saw.

some branches still have sime green, others are all brown , thanks for suggestion

All brown patches carefully removed, there is green underneath, will give it a good water and feed and see what happens . Trees have already been sprayed. The trees are about 20 years old, would hate to loose them.


This is the healthy one



I do not think that the cloud pruned tree is terminal. Good luck!

Good luck Sarah.....let us know how you get on.  

I have salvaged different plants over the years that were of sentimental value and seemingly departing from this world.  Hope you can save yours.


Thank you for posting this item Sarah.

These bushes are beautifully pruned & I really hope you don't mind if I copy the idea - just what I need in my new border.

Do you know what your shrubs are?

Very best of luck & hope you manage to save them. Assuming you do - it might be worth investing in some garden fleece in case we have another harsh winter this year.

It has only happened in the last month, not caused over the winter, possible a stong  cold wind or  a late frost on new growth. 

Not sure which type, were bought as small trees, original grown as pots, growth is all on ends of brances,  not flat grown like other we have.  They were moved into a bed  after 15 years. Then moved to a back lane, where they were uprooted by passing drunks. It was at this point we saw some in a garden centre, retrieved both which had been uprooted  and dumped over a wall. 

I carefully cut  out small side  branches to leave a structure, then shapped the clouds. We have had lots of fun, very attached to them now. 


 Another shaped shrub, which was getting too big a  pieris fire flame. 


Almost a bonsai there Sarah.

Any bonsai experts here?  

I train fruit trees..espaliers, cordons, fans etc....and shape many bushes but would,like to do some "bonsaiing" now


The cold wind can cause real problems. I'm in central Scotland Sarah and get the westerly winds which can just annihilate lots of stuff. Your other one looks terrific.No reason why you can't give it a bit of time when it has sentimental value  so fingers crossed that you can salvage it but it looks beyond help to me. Is it in a different location to the  healthy one?


They are next to each other. But different trees.


The bonsais  came next.... We have a selection of native trees, no doubt not correctly adjusted for  true bonsai followers but we have lots of fun. 


Having lots of fun is what counts Sarah. Most important

Yes, fun, fresh air and seeing things grow