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hi everyone, i have taken cuttings of my buddjlea buzz, i have them on my window sill in the kitchen, what i need to know is, do i need to water them, and also, do i need to keep them indoors,

Yes keep indoors. Dont let dry out. Not grown buddleia buzz. Long floweriing?

hi christopher, thanks for advise,yes they are long flowering, and i had butterflies i have never had before, i got them from TM they are supposed to be small enough for large pots, but i think they will be better in the garden so i will move them next spring, the cuttings are for my family, thanks again

Lynne24 thanks for info. I think your buddleia buzz will be much bigger in the ground. Will look out for one.

Don't wish to disagree , but I wouldn't keep buddliea cuttings indoors -  I think that outside in a sheltered spot or a coldframe would be better.  Keeping them indoors they'll put on lots of soft etiolated growth which will suffer when they are planted out. 


Normally I would put buddleia cuttings outside but I get the impression they are very small and not hardwood cuttings. I bought very small plant from supermarket last autumn and kept in greenhouse over winter. It has grown well and produced several flowers. So, anything small is protected

I haven't taken any cuttings of my Buddleja buzz but I would treat them as any other Buddleja and take hardwood cuttings and place them outside.  I normally just place the cuttings around the side of a container that already has a plant growing. Leave alone until Spring when the cuttings should have taken.  I have three Buddleja buzz that are still in flower and the perfect size for a small garden, they have been so successful at attracting butterflies and other insects.  In fact I will go outside right now and take some cuttings and will look forward to seeing how they get on, next Spring


Bit of a difference of opinion here so will just throw my hat into the ring-gardening is not an exact science after all

If they are well rooted then a cold greenhouse or cold frame is a preferred option to keeping them in the warm indoors


I must qualify. By indoors I mean greenhouse etc....agree with sotongeoff. It's very mild here but small seedlings will have a lot to contend with over winter outdoors. But, we all have our trusted ways of doing things and "green fingers" helps. Some people can pull off a piece of plant, stick it in the ground and root it without any apparent "skill" or knowledge!
Christopher2 wrote (see)
Some people can pull off a piece of plant, stick it in the ground and root it without any apparent "skill" or knowledge!

Which is how a lot of buddleja cuttings are treated and with success  


hi gracie, hope i have took the cutting right, i have cut just below the leaf node, they are about 6inchs long, and ihave left a few new leaves on them, i also put them on the side of the pot, does that sound right?


Yes, Lynne that should be ok. Just leave them outside and forget about them until Spring when they should start to show new leaves which means they have rooted.


thanks gracie

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