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I have just been pruning my buddleia Pink Delight and alot of the leaves look grey and are shrivalling up.  I always thought it was impossible to kill buddleias.  I have done some research thinking maybe it had something wrong with it but all I can find is that maybe it got too wet in the winter.  I lost one a couple of years ago.  The leaves just shrivalled up and it died so I am abit worried.  Is there anything I can do?


Take some cuttings from the bits that look OK.  A few weeks ago I simply pulled a few bits off of a variegated one I often walk by, stuck them in my coat pocket and planted in a 50/50 mix of grit and compost when I got home.  2 out of three have now rooted. 

Thats a good idea.  I have just potted up 3 cuttings so if the plant does die hopefully one or two of them will take.  I pulled off a branch from the bottom and it was quite rotten so maybe it just got too wet over the winter.

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you may have pruned to hard or their natural span of life has come to an end ,about 5 years in my garden and I always take stick cuttings.

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One of mine looks a bit worst for wear, I think my one is in a too damp place. So I'm going to dig it up put it in a pot and dry it out in the GH. Hopefully it'll spring back to life.


Mine is looking abit damp at the base of the plant.  I pulled a branch off and it was rotten so I think it must've got too wet in the winter.  Hopefully one of the cuttings will take.  Its only been there for about 3 years.  So when planting a new plant is it a good idea to dig in alot of grit around the plant?

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