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I'd wait until it has flowered, then cut it down by half to stop wind rock over winter.Next spring, prune it hard to a foot off the ground. It will reshoot and you can keep as many or as few shoots as you want.

 I propagate buddlejas by soft cuttings about 6 inch long in may or june, before the flower shoots form. You can also do hardwood cuttings of 1 year old wood in winter.

Just moved and noticed the buddlea is about 8 ft high already has shoots on it can. Cut it down to about 5 ft now 

Yes Janette, I did mine yesterday to 5-6ft. Would cut them down as low as I could if I had the equipment and they'd still come up nice and tall.

Thank you for you reply I just don't want to kill it I'm not a good gardener but will try 


If you have the tools I'd take it down much lower than that as Mrs Garden suggests


I dont have much tools just pair secs


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