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Problem solving


The lower leaves seem to be going yellow on all of my buddleja's. They have slow release pellets in their pots, so I don't know what is wrong :(

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How big are the pots? How big are the buddleias? Although buddleias can be found growing out of chimney pots on empty buildings, they do have a need for a deep root run. They won't be happy if their roots are going round and round in a pot with nowhere else to go. Can you take them out of their posts and have a look to see if their roots are squashed?


Check the roots for vine weevil grubs - white body, brown head. There is another buddleias thread with a similar problem - check it out.

Cut back on the watering, they like to be dry.


They grow so quickly, they outgrow pot and food. Some I grew from cuttings taken last autumn have already filled a 2L pot and looking for more. Starvation would be my guess


hi, hope you dont mind me butting in on this post, my dwarf buddlies, are in pots, i planted them last year, they where lovely, but this year the flowers are tiny, and dont look very happy, any ideas anyone, thanks



starvation, even the dwarfs are fast growers

Im not convinced by these dwarf buddleias. There are better "dwarf" shrubs around.  For blues, for example, caryopteris and ceratostigma are far better tham the blue-ish buddleias. 

Buddleias should be tall albeit ungainly bee and butterfly magnets swaying 7' or more high


hi nutcutlet, what do you mean by starvation? thanks verdun, i will make a note of the above, i just wanted something in my large pots to encourage beas and butterflies

Lynne, go for an agastache like raspberry summer.  Mix plenty of grit or perlite in, and leave in a hot dry spot amd the bees will swarm around it all summer.  This is a dwarfish variety with .......well, raspberry coloured flowers.  Lovely thing. Perennial if you overwinter in GH


lynne, i meant that stage when the roots ha ve filed the pot and the remaining compost can't retain enough water for the plant to take up any plant food provided


thanks for all your advice, verdun, your agastache sounds lovely, but i have got nowhere to overwinter, and my planters are heavy stone. thanks again everyone  



Several friends have commented that their Buddleias haven't bloomed well this year. I was expecting great things this year for the Big Butterfly Count from mine but it has produced a miserable show to date. They like dry zones so maybe last summer and our cold wet spring were just too soggy for plants planted where the roots were saturated?

Thanks everyone.  They are all dwarf and have great colourful flowers but the lower leaves are yellowing.Re-potted a couple too, but no change....

On my allotment my buddliea has yellow leaves, although it has flowered really well.  I thought  maybe it needed a boost and I would give it a feed of chicken manure pellets that I use on the plot.

Lindsey, you are going to have to wait for more than a few days to see a change. Give them a week or two in their new pots.


Daisy, is your allotment on acid soil?  Buddleias shouldn't really need feeding. They are best left without too much care.

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