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 Hi there guys, can anyone help me out with what these bugs are that are feasting on my veggies. Thank you.

They seem to be three different types. I think one of them might be the Silver Y moth and the last one is probably a cabbage white butterfly.


Thanks waterbutts, when I decided to start gardening I really had no idea I would be up against so many bugs. The last pic was of cauliflowers all completely damaged have to give up and start again. Do you have any tips to keep the caterpillar population down please?


The best way of keeping them at bay, that I've found, is to net the plants as soon as

you plant them.  However you could still do it now, remove all the caterpillars and eggs that you find and cover your plants with netting.  I use sticks bent over like a hoop and then tie the netting over that and weigh the ends down with stones.  You can buy kits from garden centres.  If not totally decimated cabages usually revive.  I have to do mine today as I didn't take my own advice!

Good luck and don't give up!


Thanks Annie I will try again, might get some winter cabbages when no butterflies are around as I have mastered the slug population now in my garden I might be fine.

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