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I have a planter which makes a nice hole but the earth sticks in the planter and is not easy to remove.    Does anyone know of a long handled planter with a release mechanism, or do they have an easy method of removing the earth from the planter?

I recently purchased one of these...

1p change from ??30, but worth every penny in my opinion. It has stood up to planting in ground where I get a constant supply of small pebbles and flints working their way up to the surface. If I use a trowel it goes no further then the pebble. I could have bought one a bulb planter a third of the price but it would not have lasted. I like it because being a long handled one, I can get plenty of welly behind it.

You can buy on line, but mine was cheaper at the Garden Centre. Life time guarantee.

Thank you both, I shall follow up your suggestions.   Having had two knee replacements and a hip replacement  I am not as flexible as I used to be and was looking for a long handled planter with a release mechanism.   However I read in the Sneeboer advert that pushing the planter in for the next hole removed the previous plug of earth which solves my problem but had not come across anywhere else!

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