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Orchid Lady

Hi All, 

I have a couple of questions regarding different tubers/bulbs;

  • Gladioli - how long after planting should these come up? They are outside and I'm wondering if I should have started them off indoors?
  • Begonias - same question really but these are in pots, just covered as advised and in the GH, there are 3 in each pot and only one seems to be coming up??
  • Daffodils - I know I need to leave the foliage to die down but am I ok to lift them from the big planter they are in now and replant in smaller pots - in hindsight I made a mistake with their location as they are with the Lillie's and the Lillie's need more space now I think, and I want I want to sow my Limnanthes Douglasii (Poached Egg Plant) seeds where the daffs are....bad planning I know but I'll get it right next year!!

Thanks in advance 

Victoria Sponge

Hi Orchid Lady ,

ref the gladioli, I planted mine straight out last year and they were fine, and the ones I left in the ground over winter are coming up already. The ones I emptied out of pots and 'stored' over winter got planted out last month and are nowhere to be seen... But I am in the north.

I don't recall them flowering til late summer so I'm not really concerned...also I bought them from one of those companies that over saturate the colour in their brochures and so when I saw them I wasn't overwhelmed. Also they all fell over, even pulling over the bean cane supports.

Begonias I know nothing about I'm afraid and with regards the daffs, I move mine all the time with the leaves still on but it might not do them any good... I think so long as the roots don't come off they're okay...

Hopefully one of the professionals will be along shortly 



Orchid Lady

Thanks Vic, much appreciated. I suppose where the Gladis are concerned I'm just impatient! Mine are planted along a privet hedge so will tie them to that if necessary 

I've checked the begonias just now and there are more shoots, slowly but surely, I've never grown them before and thought I had done someone wrong, even though I followed instructions!!

Maybe when the workers get home or the gardeners come in out of the sun I may get some more help are SO impatient  but I know what you mean...........I can never resist prodding at stuff just to see

Your glads are hardy and they will appear once they are ready.  If they are in pots, you can always check the bottom to see if roots are appearing.  Like Vic, my established ones are showing......about 6 inches high at present.

The Daffs.......yes you can re pot into smaller clumps.......just try and ensure you don't break the roots..........give them a bit of a feed (BFB) and put them somewhere out of the way until you know where there final resting place is to be.  You already know to leave the foliage to die down naturally so you are doing everything correctly

Who's a good girl then ?


Victoria Sponge

Edd, you're a bit south of me near Darlo. I might have a scrat about and see if mine are coming up...

For "there" read "their".............long day

Orchid Lady

I think I'm further North than both of you, well north west really  I will have a look tomorrow but when I weeded on Monday I couldn't see any life, although the Iris are coming up which we planted at the same time.

Thanks for all the info and yes Philippa, I am impatient  It's so reassuring that you are all getting to know me and my little foibles  You obviously said what Dove was thinking LOL 

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