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I planted hundreds of bulbs in a meadow in Nov/Dec. the meadow has a few inches of top soil but is solid clay underneath.
Due to all the rain recently the area has been sodden - will this rot the bulbs or will they survive?
Any idea anyone?!...

And?-nothing has appeared

I'm new! (You guessed!)
I've actually filled in the question now!

Depends what they are, fritillaries will be ok, they'll think it's a watermeadow.


Solid clay -with a few inches of top soil-does not sound anything like ideal-not much you can do other than wait and see?


Alina W

Bulbs are surprisingly resilient. My front lawn floods regularly as there is something of a hard pan below the topsoil, and I live in a marshy area. Although I lose a few bulbs, the majority keep coming back, so I wouldn't despair.

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