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i have bumble bees going into my bamboo that we are cutting down to replant into large plastic buckets as its overtaking when is the best time to remove or can i put anything around the bit left to stop it spreadng

The bumble bees will only live during the summer. If you can wait until the autumn before digging up the bamboo you will save them, otherwise they will be disturbed by your digging and die.

Garden Maniac

Try some plastic edging to contain it and tie the tops into a bundle.  If its a non-invasive bamboo you'll be ok to move it later - where are the bees nesting???  Ground or a wall beyond? I only ask as I have bees in a small wall alongside a swinging hammock -  I'm enjoying watching their movements and habits, but they are not phased by and dont mind our prescence at all... It depends where their nest is in relation to what you want to move...


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